The 4 Best Places for Off-Roading in Washington

High Rock Lookout Loop

If you love the mountain views in the state, head to Ashford, Washington. You’ll be able to check out High Rock Lookout Loop. This is a 21-mile loop, and includes a short hike to the lookout point. You’ll be able to see Mount Ranier, Mount St. Helens, Mount Hood, and Mount Adams if the views are clear. Road conditions include native dirt, graded gravel, and asphalt. Keep in mind that if there is snow, it’s going to be difficult, if not impossible, to get through the entire drive. Weather on the drive and hike is often cool, so bring along a jacket.

Walker Valley ORV Area

Head to the Walker Valley ORV area outside of Mount Vernon, Washington. Here you can explore the 78 miles of trail in a variety of off-road vehicles. There is a fee of $11.50 for the day or $35 for an annual pass. The ORV area is open throughout the year, but you’re not allowed to camp here. Weather conditions vary depending on the season, and some passes may be closed to road legal vehicle due to snow or ice. Street legal vehicles like ATVs, bicycles and others are allowed on the trails, so be on the lookout for these.

Evans Creek Trailhead

If you’re interested in adding camping to your off-road ride, check out Evans Creek Trailhead. The trailhead and campground are only open seasonally from April through October. You’ll find about 45 miles of motorized trails, some of which are easy to drive, while others are rugged and more difficult. Admission to the park is $5 per vehicle per day, and the park only allows street-legal 4×4 vehicles and motorcycles/quads. The area is home to a number of wildlife species, so keep an eye out for deer, bears, and other creatures.

Reiter Foothills

Reiter Foothills has been a popular option for those looking for an adventure since the 1960s. However, it’s only been over the last few years that off-road vehicles have been allowed. There is a 10,000-acre tract that borders the Forks of the Sky and Wallace Falls state parks. This tract allows both motorized and non-motorized vehicles. The area is still being developed to bring the best experience for anyone looking to get off the beaten path, and now there is only about three miles of drivable area.

When you’re heading off-road, check out the numerous paths and areas in Washington. These off-road options allow you to see the beauty of the state in a new and exciting way. Gas up before you head off-road, make sure you have the emergency equipment you may need, and pack some snacks to make the most of your adventure.


Image via Pixabay | CC0

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