4 Ways to Keep a Dog Safe in a Wrangler

With so many dogs and their owners going on adventures in Jeep Wranglers, we wanted to compile a list of accessories that will help to keep dogs safe. But before we dive into that list, first thing’s first. When it comes to dogs riding in Wranglers (or any vehicle for that matter), remember to make sure that your dog can’t jump (or fall) out the window; can’t roam around too much; and has a comfortable experience. Keeping those things in mind, read on to discover some of the best accessories for your dog.

Dog Accessory #1: Dog-Friendly Vest Harness

Similar to a seat belt, a dog-friendly vest harness is used as both a car restraint and chest protector for your furry friend. Easily attachable (and removable) to a seatbelt, all you need is a D-ring to make sure that it’s securely connected. With straps being near the top of the seatbelt, most harnesses are designed this way, which allows your dog to be able to have plenty of roaming room in the back seat. Made from a durable nylon fabric and soft fleece liner, most harnesses are available for any sized dog.

Dog Accessory #2: Seat Belt Buckle Attachment

One of the most popular dog driving accessory, a seat belt buckle is a simple design that allows you to attach one end of your dog’s collar to the other end of a seat belt. Many come with adjustable lengths, which gives both you and your dog the ability to have the pup sit, lie, or stand without getting tangled.

Dog Accessory #3: Jeep Net

We know that there are some dog owners out there who just love having their dogs roam freely. But with the open nature of a Wrangler, we bet you’re asking if it’s even possible. Don’t worry, it is! Opting for a Jeep net will allow for ultimate dog protection. This net is designed to keep your furry family member in the back seat along with protection against rolling forward on steep declines, sharp turns, or brake slamming (hopefully the latter will never be the case). This net also prevents your dog from jumping in your lap and causing distractions.

Dog Accessory #4: Cargo Nets

If you don’t opt for the Jeep net, we recommend that you try a cargo net instead. From the windshield all the way back to your Wrangler’s tailgate, this net encloses the entire open area of your Jeep. Using a cargo net, your dog can really ride in style along with you.

And there you have it, some of the best accessories to help keep your dog safe when riding in your Jeep Wrangler. Do you have additional dog safety tips using simple accessories? Tell us in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

Image via Pixabay | CC 0