5 Places to Get a Great Cup of Joe in Bellevue

Ask the local folks where to find the best cup of coffee in Bellevue, and nine times out of ten they’ll direct you to Cafe Cesura. Some of the top recommendations include the French press, which is ready-made and just waiting for you to order a cup, the iced mocha, and the hemp milk latte. Naturally, you’ll find plenty of foam latte art on display, which is much more artistic than anything you’ll find at certain well-known coffee chains. In addition to delicious brew, you can enjoy sandwiches, paninis, and other lunch and snack items.

The French Bakery

With a name like The French Bakery, you know you’re in for a treat. You might not expect to find an exceptional cup of coffee in a mall, which is where the bakery’s located, but unexpected surprises are the sweetest. Obviously, the menu is full of decadent pastries, sandwiches, and paninis, as well as a treasure trove of goodies.

The coffee gets spectacular marks on its own, however. Fans recommend the lattes, which are unanimously described as silky and smooth. The iced coffees are refreshing, and if you need a jolt, the espresso will keep you wired for hours.

Caffe Ladro

You have to get in line early if you want your morning cup of joe from Caffe Ladro. On the surface, it’s precisely the kind of authentic coffee shop for which Washington is well-known. According to enthusiastic customers, however, its reputation goes even deeper than that. The shop is universally praised for its espresso, which is unquestionably a fan favorite. The frozen lattes earn their fair share of accolades, as well — especially the vanilla.

Honor Coffee & Tea

At Honor Coffee & Tea, it’s all about the coffee. Oh, the teas are delicious, fresh, and fragrant, too, but for a beverage to get you buzzing, the coffee menu is your best friend. Customers hold the shop’s cappuccino in high regard, but you don’t have to get anything fancy. Even if you take your coffee just the way it comes with no cream or sugar, you’ll enjoy the best cup of plain black coffee you’ve ever tasted. The cozy atmosphere just adds to the appeal.

Belle Pastry

What goes well with coffee? Pastries, of course. Belle Pastry provides the best of both worlds. Indulge in cakes, cookies, croissants, or Napoleon slices as you sip black coffee, a chai tea latte, a mocha, or a mellow cafe latte.

Which coffee shop do you intend to visit first when you reach Bellevue? Do you have any other keen caffeine corners to share?


Image via Pixabay | CC 0