Winter Accessories for the Dodge Ram

Floor Liners

When there’s rain and snow outside, you need to make sure you protect the inside of your vehicle as much as the outside. Having good, heavy-duty floor liners helps keep the floor of your truck looking great. Floor liners also help keep rust and mold at bay, since they keep the moisture of snow covered boots off the cloth flooring.

Snow Plow

Whether you just want to be able to easily get out of your driveway when the snow piles up, or you’re the neighborhood’s designated snow removal person, having a snow plow to attach to the front of your truck is a huge benefit. Easily move the snow that piles up around your driveway and the road without having to get out and freeze while you dig yourself out. There are plows in different sizes, both with and without the mounts, so consider your options carefully. In addition, it’s important to note that some car insurance companies may charge more if you regularly use a plow on your truck.

Windshield Snow Shield

One of the biggest problems with living in a snowy area is that it’s a pain to clear the snow off your vehicle every time you need to drive. With a windshield show shield, you don’t have to worry about scraping. You simply take the shield off and the snow and ice goes with it. This gets you back on the road safely and quickly.

Tire Chains

Keep your truck from slipping and sliding in the icy weather with some heavy duty tire chains. These chains help you get the grip and traction you need when there’s just a little too much weather happening, especially if you plan on traveling over the local mountain passes like Snoqualmie or Stevens. Chains are available in different sizes to ensure that you get the right fit for your truck. Make sure you check the local requirements for chains, since they are prohibited in some areas.

Heated Wiper Blades

Keep your view clear of snow and rain when you have heated wiper blades. These keep the windshield warm, which in turn helps keep the snow from impairing your vision. Having good wiper blades that make it easier to see helps keep you going, even in blizzard-type conditions.

Having the right accessories can keep you safe and improve the life of your vehicle. Winter accessories should help you keep going in bad conditions, while they work to keep you safe. When considering new accessories for your truck, make sure that they’re made for the make and model you own, so you get the best fit possible.


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