Jeep Brand Will Offer Jeep Plug-In Hybrid

Jeep Brand Will Offer Jeep Plug-In Hybrid

FCA, the parent of the Jeep brand, will be offering a Jeep Plug-In Hybrid. Plug-in hybrid models are expected to include Jeep Compass Trailhawk AWD and Jeep Renegade Crossovers.

A total of 8 plug-in hybrid vehicles are expected to be offered in the U.S. by 2022, according to an official spokesperson.

What’s a Plug-in Hybrid?

One of the many positives of driving a plug-in hybrid is their versatility.

This is because PIHV’s typically use batteries to power an electric motor and another fuel, like gas, to power an internal combustion engine.

This double-duty results in

  • The ability to run off either electricity or gas (or even both on the same trip, in certain cases)
  • Batteries that can be charged using a wall outlet or charging station
  • Other innovative pluses like regenerative braking
  • Less gas use, relative to conventional vehicles
  • The potential for a cleaner air vehicle/ fewer emissions.

Plug-in Hybrid vs Gas

As mentioned above, fewer trips to the pump can mean less money spent on gas. This would be one major reason for considering a PIHV.

However, it is true that PIHV’s aren’t commonplace just yet.

In the meantime, there are plenty of existing vehicles that can give you great gas mileage.

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