Art Classes in Kirkland, WA

Young Rembrandts Preschool Drawing Clubs

Designed for the youngest of the creative crowd, these beach-themed classes are fun and help you decide whether or not your little one has what it takes to become the artist of the next decade. The class takes place at 9 a.m. on Saturdays at the North Kirkland Community Center. Kids can collect shells and incorporate them into their artwork. Classes cost $39 to $99, and you can enroll online at the Young Rembrandts website.


Art Classes at the Kirkland Arts Center

If you would like to engage with local artists and learn the latest techniques, you might want to visit the Kirkland Art Center, where you can select from over 65 classes to suit your abilities and interest. All students are welcome aged 2-102, and the atmosphere is open and friendly. Are you looking to make new friends and admire others’ work? Get in touch with Kirkland Arts Center to learn fiber art, drawing, and printmaking.


Some of the classes ran include collage making, working with porcelain, learning to paint with watercolors, and working with clay. Check out the courses online at the Kirkland Arts Center courses site and register now, as some of the classes fill very quickly.


Studio East Training for Performing Arts

This venue holds different levels of performing arts training for all abilities. Aimed mainly at school-aged children, classes are designed to be fun and entertaining as well as educational. You can book a Studio Day workshop to find out how the studio works and get to know some educators, or enroll in a Studio Intensive program, which boosts your confidence acting, singing, and dancing in front of a large audience. You will need to audition for some of the programs, but others are aimed at all abilities and ages.


Kirkland Academy of Music and Performance

This studio offers both private tuition and group sessions for people who would like to learn how to perform music and drama. Ready to learn an instrument? Choose among guitar, piano, flute, clarinet, and many more instruments and start impressing your friends and family. The Academy also runs regular summer camps for young people; however, they get fully booked in just a few days from the release date. Give your teenager the ultimate summer holiday gift and enroll them to one of the Rock Camps.


Kirkland’s art venues offer a variety of programs and educational courses for all ages. If you are ready to unleash your creativity, get in touch with one of the studios to enroll.


Image via Pixabay | CC 0