Exploring the Central Waterfront, Where the Old Is Made New Again

For centuries, Seattle has been a major hub for shipping, trading, and travel. Over the last half-century, though, the numerous piers on Elliott Bay have become a haven for people looking to shop, enjoy, and relax. We take a closer look at some of the key components to one of Seattle’s greatest attractions.

The Obvious

It’s worth starting with what many people know. Two major attractions on or right near the Waterfront are the Seattle Aquarium and the Pike Place Market. The first is a must-see for all things aquatic. In addition to giving detailed history on the bay’s history and current state, you can see dozens upon dozens of different species. Just as diverse, perhaps, is the Pike Place Market. Hundreds of vendors and entertainers flock to this Seattle institution and the people soon after.

The Must-Sees

Next are the things that everyone should see or experience at least once. The Seattle Great Wheel at Pier 57 offers tremendous views of the city and beyond. Catch it on the right night for a dazzling light show of orchestrated LED bulbs. Also, be sure to stop by The Crab Pot, a Waterfront staple that features all kinds of delicious and local seafood.

The Insider’s Guide

The real trick to getting the most out of the Waterfront is keeping up with the schedule. The southern portion of the piers boasts the Olympic Sculpture Park (which is always worth a walk through), but other events like the Kirkland Arts Center’s annual Arts Market can’t be beat. Artists from around Seattle and around the Pacific Northwest come to show off their talents and their wares.