Food on the Go: Seattle’s Best Food Trucks

About 15 years ago, a rolling revolution came to towns like Seattle: great food could be done on a small scale. So small, actually, that chefs could bring their artistry directly to their customers and save money by reducing overhead costs. The food truck movement was on and still goes strong. Here are some of the best meals on wheels around the area.


Off the Rez is the perfect source for a quick bite. Their fried bread is delicious on its own, but you can also add some extras like honey or savory salsa to make this a quick and delicious hunger stopper.

Light Meals

There are quite a number to choose from since food trucks specialize in small, satisfying dishes, but one place to hit is the Crisp Creperie. The light texture of crepes means you won’t feel overly full, but the extensive list of ingredients means you can create your own concoction or order one of the renowned specialties.

Never Leave Hungry

If you’re in the mood for comfort food, check out Nosh. From fish and chips to the meatloaf sandwich, there is something on the menu for even the biggest of appetites.

The All-Important Desserts

This one’s a toss-up. My Sweet Lil Cakes reinvents your childhood favorites like fried dough or funnel cake. Parfait Ice Cream has the claim of the city’s oldest dessert truck and offers ice cream (both traditional and funky flavors) as well as ice cream sandwiches. To be safe, you should try both.