Getting Some Bang for Your Buck: The 4 Best Cars for the Money

Buying or leasing a new car doesn’t have to mean a giant intrusion into your bank account. With a little research and knowledge of available vehicles, you’ll find that there are many new options that give you exactly what you need and come with an attractive sticker price as well. Here are a few suggestions for some great values that you won’t need to take out a second mortgage to buy.

Dodge Dart


Starting at a mere $16,895, the Dodge Dart is a compact car with sleek looks and loads of other features. While the base engine, just a 1.4 liter, four-cylinder, might lack a little power, it offers up to 41 miles per gallon highway. The Dart also has other trim levels that upgrade the engine to a 2.0 liter or 2.4 liter for a little more oomph.

While it looks small from the outside, this compact has 60/40 folding rear seatbacks, perfect for a long trip or carrying extra cargo. It also has dual-zone temperature control and a classy, futuristic-looking dashboard and center console, complete with an 8.4-inch touchscreen navigation system and infotainment center.

Nissan Sentra

Nissan’s compact, yet roomy, Nissan Sentra is a steal of a deal, loaded with features and starting at just $16,480. Standard features include 16-inch wheels, a four-speaker stereo system complete with USB and auxiliary jacks, power windows and mirrors, and automatic headlights.

If you pay just a tad more, the fully loaded version of the Sentra is nothing short of spectacular. This version has Bluetooth connectivity, a 5.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a moonroof, heated front leather seats, and an eight-speaker Bose sound system. Perhaps the best part is that no matter what trim level you choose, the car gets an astonishing 40 miles per gallon highway.

Chrysler 200

In the mid-sized sedan market, there are seemingly endless options. However, Chrysler’s newest entry into the market combines sleek styling, performance, and a beautiful interior. The 200 has an aptly named Tigershark 2.4 liter, four-cylinder engine that provides 184 horsepower while still offering 36 miles per gallon highway. The exterior comes in a variety of colors and has an aerodynamic design that helps it glide along the road. On the inside, the car has options like heated seats, premium sound, and touchscreen navigation starting at $21,995.

Hyundai Sonata

You might have seen a Sonata and didn’t even know it. That’s because this Korean auto manufacturer has spent years fine-tuning their vehicles to make them look like a high-end luxury car. Under the hood, there’s a capable 2.4-liter, inline four-cylinder engine that packs a little pop. Features are plentiful as well and include a six or nine-speaker sound system, a 7-inch touchscreen navigation system, and premium cloth or leather seats. You can get all this starting at just $21,750.

Not everyone can have a flashy, two-seater convertible, and not everyone wants it. Sometimes you just need an affordable car to get from work to home, and with these vehicles you get a little of everything: affordability, features, and reliability.


Image via Pixabay | CC 0