The 5 Most Awesome Places to Off-Road in Your Jeep

tire-treadSilver Lake Dunes, Michigan

Although it seems hard to believe, the west coast of Michigan is full of sand dunes perfect for an off-roading adventure. With over 2,000 acres of sand dunes, the off-roading never gets boring or tiresome. Plus, the trek up to the Silver Lake Dunes along the coast of Lake Michigan is nothing short of spectacular. If you don’t have a Jeep, no worries. There are several Jeep rental facilities on-site.

Canyon Country, Utah

Located in the southeast corner of Utah, Canyon Country is more famous for its scenery than anything else. To get there, you’ll have to drive four hours from Salt Lake City or five hours from Denver. Once you get there, you’ll be mesmerized by the red rock canyons and 1,000-foot overlooks of the Green River and Colorado River. There’s also the 100-mile White Rim Trail, which is perfect for an off-roading adventure. Since it’s in the middle of nowhere, consider camping, but beware: The sites are often booked months in advance.

Death Valley, California

Believe it or not, Death Valley has more than 1,000 miles of roads, making it the largest road system within any national park. While the other 90 percent of it is protected due to unique, indigenous wildlife and plants, the rest is your playground. There are also many places to go for a hike or do other recreational activities. If you’re planning on testing your driving skills here, it’s best to go during the winter, as summer temperatures have been known to reach over 130 degrees Fahrenheit during the day.

Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, Georgia

Originally inhabited by the Cherokee Indians, this National Forest located in northeastern Georgia is full of off-road trails for beginner, intermediate, and advanced drivers. It’s best to visit in the fall when the leaves change colors, leaving picture-perfect scenery with the North Georgia mountains in the background. Check with the website or a park ranger, however, as not all trails are for off-roading.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

As one of nature’s masterpieces, the Grand Canyon is quite the spectacle as seen from above. Now, take that same image and imagine what it’s like from within while off-roading in your Jeep. You’ll get to see one of the most famous scenes in the world, view the Colorado River, and see all the wildlife that takes refuge within its confines.

While these destinations may not be all that close to where you live, they’re definitely worth a road trip to test your driving skills and have a ton of fun at the same time. If you can’t travel that far, just check out places near you. Chances are there’s something right off the beaten path.


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