The Top 4 Minivans for Families

Chrysler Town & Country

The Chrysler Town & Country comes fully loaded and is definitely the top consideration for families. On the outside, it’s more eye-catching and elegant than other minivans, as it comes with the famous Chrysler grille, chrome moldings, and a rear spoiler. Inside, the car has comfortable leather-trimmed seating, complete with Stow ‘N Go seats to handle all your groceries or other cargo. It also has options for premium sound, a DVD player, and USB ports to keep the kids quiet and content on a long road trip.

Dodge Grand Caravan

Once the flagship minivan for Dodge and the best-selling minivan of all time, the Grand Caravan will sadly meet its demise after the 2016 model year in favor of the Town & Country. That makes it a perfect time to jump on one before they’re gone.

The Grand Caravan comes in four trim levels. However, the trim levels deal mostly with interior features of the car, as each version has the same 3.6 liter, V-6 engine capable of 283 horsepower, and still gets 25 miles per gallon highway. Depending on which edition you choose, the van has leather, a four to six-speaker sound system, a center console infotainment center, Bluetooth connectivity, and power everything.

Honda Odyssey

Introduced to the U.S. market in 1994, the Odyssey has gradually become one of the best minivans on the market today. It features a smooth ride with a V-6 engine and gets 28 miles to the gallon highway. One of the nicest features it has is a power tailgate if you have full hands.

Inside, the Odyssey comes with a number of options and features including three rows of seats, an ultrawide rear entertainment system, an eight-inch intelligent multi-information display, and an audio touchscreen. All of these features are perfect for a long road trip or keeping the kids from fighting for at least five minutes.

Nissan Quest

The Nissan Quest is a versatile minivan that comes in three trim levels, depending on your wants and needs. It comes loaded with safety features to keep your family from harm, including a tire pressure monitoring system and numerous airbags. It also comes with a rearview camera for backing into those tight spaces or out of the driveway. On the interior, the Quest has a great sound system, Bluetooth-equipped phone access, and optional Quick Comfort heated seats. For those with a lot in their hands, the Quest has one-touch sliding doors and tailgate.

With the perfect minivan, family trips don’t have to go poorly. In fact, the right minivan makes the trip enjoyable, as the kids entertain themselves, and thus, you’ll enjoy the trip, too.


Image via Pixabay | CC 0