Ram 1500 Long-Term Maintenance Schedule

Blue 2023 RAM 1500

The RAM 1500 is a hard-working truck ready for anything, but even the most rugged trucks need routine maintenance. To keep your 1500 in top shape, it’s important to follow the suggested maintenance schedule. It can be a lot to remember, though, so we at Rairdon’s of Kirkland have made this handy guide for RAM 1500 long-term maintenance.

As one of our most in-demand and best-selling trucks, we want to ensure our RAM 1500 owners enjoy their trucks for as long as possible. While your needs may vary depending on how you use your truck, think of this as a loose guide to your RAM 1500 maintenance schedule. Since RAM trucks are designed to last, we follow RAM’s guidelines for up to 144,000 miles of use.

8,000 Miles

When your RAM 1500 reaches 8,000 miles, it’s time for its first service at our Kirkland, WA service station. Schedule your visit for your truck’s first oil change and tire rotation. We’ll also check other fluids and change the oil filter.

16,000 Miles

It’s a good rule of thumb to remember that your truck needs an oil change and tire rotation every 8,000 miles. Instead of following the amount of time that’s passed, keep an eye on the mileage.

20,000 Miles

At 20k miles, your truck will need its first set of more extensive maintenance services. We’ll start with the front-end suspension, which can certainly take a beating if you take your truck off-road. Our technicians will then inspect the tie rods and brake pads, repairing or replacing with OEM parts as needed.

24,000 Miles

It’s oil change and tire rotation time again at 24,000 miles. Follow our reminders and schedule ahead of time to be in and out in no time.

30,000 Miles

By the 30,000 mile mark, your truck’s major components require inspection. Our technicians check the full brake system, front suspension, transfer case and axle, and CV joints. We’ll also swap out your engine and air filters.

32,000 Miles

Time for another oil change and tire rotation; this time, we replace spark plugs as well.

40, 48, and 56,000 Miles

We continue the regular schedule of tire rotation and oil changes with an additional spark plug replacement at 48,000 miles.

60,000 Miles

Your brakes have taken you a long way, so we’ll perform another inspection of all brake components. Now is a good time to perform a full fluid flush that includes transmission, coolant, and brake fluids.

64 and 72,000 Miles

You guessed it – more oil changes and tire rotations, along with another spark plug and wire service.

80, 88, and 96,000 Miles

More of the same will help keep the rest of your vehicle operating properly and can eliminate more costly repairs. Replacing fluids, spark plugs, and filters at regular intervals will help keep your RAM 1500 running as good as new!

100,000 Miles

Reaching the 100K-mile mark is a huge accomplishment for any vehicle, let alone one the size of the 1500. Now is a good time to check the brake system, transmission, fluids, and filters yet again.

104 and 112,000 Miles

By now, you know the drill. Keep that oil changed and tires rotated to keep your engine rumbling and your truck safe on the road.

120,000 Miles

We’ll repeat the same services that you had at 60,000 miles, performing any repairs with genuine RAM parts as needed.

128 and 136,000 Miles

RAM engines are truly built to last, and your dedication to keeping fresh oil in the engine is what helps stay that way.

144,000 Miles

Your manual typically has a maintenance schedule up to this point. We’ll do the usual with another spark plug and filter service along with any other services needed. If you keep up with the maintenance schedule above, you could easily take your truck well beyond the 144,000-mile mark.

Schedule RAM Maintenance at Rairdon’s of Kirkland

You can trust the skilled and experienced service team at Rairdon’s DCJ of Kirkland to keep your RAM 1500 running for 144,000 miles and beyond! Schedule your service online or contact us today.